Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a kit called No Name and here's 2 LO's!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Ḥănukkāh! What did everyone get for presents this year? My God-child painted me a picture frame in the shape of a dog house w/pawprints all over it...go figure why? lmbo!! I do love it, perfect for one of Ruby's pictures! My youngest daughter gave me some sock slippers...I love those things and can never have enough, other females have closets full of heels and such, I have only work shoes, hang out shoes a few heels I can count on one hand and Numerous sock slippers!! My MIL gave me some cash and my Mom gave me a GC to one of my fav seafood resturants, (which I worked at for 5yrs...lol) My other daughter gave me the best present for Christmas, a 10x13 picture from her wedding.....here it is, it's a picture of a picture so hope you can see it good!!

Isn't it beautiful??!! Yes I had tears..
A New Year is fixing to start and I hope everyone has a very Happy, Wealthy, Lucky and Healthy 2011!! So eat up on all the traditional New Years food! Me? I cannot wait for my moms fresh hot homemade EggNog...everybody fights to get in line and get some, it's very delicious and nice and warm for a cold night of fireworks!!
well, on to the kit and LO's...it's a cute fun kit called No name by Heckenzwerge.
You can purchase it and many other wonderful kits at Moo Two Designs Store, the udder way to scrap!
Here's a preview of the kit:

and here are the LO's..

first is of my Dog Ruby and my son's cat Co-co Mo...
Ruby 'thinks' they're friends by Co-co thinks they're mortal enimies, but will 'tolerate' Ruby at times, this is one of those very rare times...lmbo!!

Template is by Vicky Dee Designs
and Wordart is from Wordart World by Jennifer

Here's yet another of me and Hunter my oldest Grandson...I can't wait to start taking pics like this with Trey...F-U-N!!
 Template: by natkat
Font: ChrisHmk

Well, have a great New Years celebration everyone!!

See y'all Next Year!!!

Happy 2011!!!
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"My love in Black & White' Lo's for lovers

Here's a couple of LO's I did with a kit called 'My love in black & white' by
Heckenzwerge Design lovely red and blacks for some great sweetheart LO's.
Kit preview:

and here are two LO's using this kit.......SSSSSHHHHHH it is Christmas presents for these two lovely ladies!!
My Godchild and her man:

and my BFF and her man!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Loving Spoonfuls LO's and FREEBIE!!

First, here's a couple of LO's using a kit called Lovin Spoonful by the design team from Moo Two Designs!

First a preview of the kit:

Now the Layouts (2 are with recipes!)

4 cups of love
2 cups of loyality
dash of faith
3 cups of kindness
4 cups of understanding
1 cup of friendship
5 spoonfuls of hope
1 barrel of laughter
pinch of forgivness (no subsitutions)
dash of thoughtfullness (not an option)

Take love and loyality and mix throughly with faith
Blend in kindness, understanding and friendship
Sprinkle abundently with laughter
Garnish with forgivness and thoughtfullness
Bake with sunshine
serve daily with generous helpings!

Now for a 'real' recipe!!

Frozen Peanutbutter yogurt dog treats!
32 oz of vanilla yogurt
1 cup of peanutbutter
place peanut butter in a microwave safe dish and microwave until melted
Mix yogurt and peanutbutter in a bowl
Pour mixture in ice trays or cupcake papers and freeze
( I found some neat dog bone freezer trays in an Ltd commodities, they may still have them you can go here )

Did you like the Recipe for a Happy Marriage LO? well guess what? below are preview's of the freebies I made for you!! Download link is below.
Don't forget to go to go and pick up this great kit, Lovin Spoonful from the design team at Moo Two Designs!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas LO's

Hey, I know it's been awhile...busy time of the year for everyone! I was also busy making a few Layouts this past few weeks! I have two from a kit called "Christmas Greetings" since it's not quite Christmas yet, I did them with last years pictures! It's on sale right now for only $.63!!

Here's a preview of the kit:

it's great for those Christmas LO's!!

Here's a couple of mine using this awesome kit!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


the main ingredient of a child....

This LO is using the wonderful kit by Tamsin McAtee Studios called, 'Gnome Sweet Gnome" and can be purshased from her store here.

Kit Preview:

isn't it just so cute!!

You can also go to my tutorial site and work the awesome tutorial I wrote for this kit! click on my blinkie below!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 New In Memory of Henry LO's

It's been a bit, had some problems here and there come up and life just too me away for a short while! I"m hoping to be back in full force now! Hugs to all!!

Here's 2 LO's using the kit 'Samatha the Sassy' by Wicked Princess Scraps. You can also find a tag tutorial I wrote for this kit here.

You can find the kit here or here.

It is actually one LO, BragBook page, but for you to see I had to post separately here is a 'mini' view first of the both together, then a separate view of each page.

My sister actually just had so much to say that I had to use two pages for it to fit! I told her not to be so 'long winded' but us 'Cooley's' don't know what that means...lmbo!!

Here's page one, the title runs off onto page 2....

Here's page 2.....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Zoom'-ing in with Two new LO's

Hey all, sorry I haven't been around much, just being a little sick and not being my 'creative' lil self. I hate sinus infections...it's like my brain is 'on hold' till I get all the crap outta there...gross, I know! Been busy at work cuttin' doggies hair and training 2 new 'future' Pet Stylist!

On to the LO's...I used a kit called 'Zoom' (get the title of todays post?) it's by Gloria Val Verde and you can find it over at the Moo Two Store. It's a really cute kit, has lots of elements in it to play with and the colors are GREAT for both Boys and Girls!!

Kit Preview:

and here's 2 cute LO's,

My 3 Grandson's and their 'toys'

and my Daughter and her 'toy' hahaha!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Honeymoon in Paris LO's plus an extra!

These are again, Wedding LO's!!! I really loved this kit by the very creative Tamsin McAtee Studios, beautiful soft colors with just the right amount of Red to make it a 'perfect' lovers kit!!
Honeymoon in Paris
Here's a Preview of the kit:

isn't it just so stunning?? and the two LO's from my Daughters wedding!

template by:

Wordart by:
"Random Thoughts by Linda"

Template by:

Word art by: Elegant Wordart
Isn't she just stunning also??? I know can't help it, I'm her Mommy! :-)

Well on to the 'extra' It's a LO using a shape from the Cowprint Shape Challenge over at MooTwo Designs. Haven't been there? awww man, you missing out on alot!! many challenges and fun stuff just around the corner, check it out!! I'll say it again:  "MooTwo Designs!!"

Here's the shape preview by the wonderfully talented Gloria Val Verde....I'm her CT for the month at MooTwo Designs Store so check back to see what I do with her kits!!

and here's what I came up with for the shape!!

My niece and one of her friends do painting classes, this is their 1st 'Drop off' class for kids, where the parents drop the kids off and have fun painting!

Bottom left: Hunter, nieces Hailey and Tamara, nephew Michael, Hunter (again), my niece and Misty instructing a couple of lil ones, Misty and nephew Kaiden and middle pic is the entire class after paintings were finished!

(Really wish the pics on this were better!!)

the kit is by:
it was a freebie, but has expired BUT you can purchase it at one of the stores she sells it at!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

'I Promise You' wedding LO's

Here's two LO's using a Kit by Shani of  Wicked Princess Scraps the kit is called 'I Promise You' and is really awesome for some love LO's especially Weddings!!
Kit Preview:

and here are 2 LO's using pictures from my Daughter's wedding!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Summer LO's....

Hello everyone! This is the last of the summer LO's till next year :-( I used the kit 'Sunshine Beach Main Kit' by Mags Graphics.
As for Wedding LO's, there will be some in the next few postings!!!
Here's a Preview of the Kit:

Here's LO #1:

For LO #2 I used the cute Glass Whale add-on, here's a preview:

Here's the LO:
Bri riding a Whale for her Bachlorette Party:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Mardi Gras Wedding..2 LO's and a FREEBIE!!

Well, my Beautiful Daughter got married on the 18th! Finally, it's not like they've been together for 10yrs...lol, they are 'Middle School Sweethearts' and have been together since they were 14yrs old!
It was a beautiful wedding, she did such an awesome job planning it. She also saved some money and made the veil, Ring Bearer's pillow, Garter Belts, Money Bag for the money dance, tags for one of the wedding favors and some other stuff!!
It was Mardi Gras/New Orleans themed, instead of Bouquets for the Bridesmaids they carried Mardi Gras masks like the ones on the cake below. We also did the 'Second Line' from the wedding venue to the Reciption at the Mardi Gras Museum. Instead of the 'garder belt' my Son-in-law pulled out a huge pair of Mardi Gras underwear...it was so funny! But he did eventually find the Garter and toss that! lol...My other daughter caught the Bouquet....Hint Leigha and Tommy!!!
 I cannot wait to post some LO's with her wedding pics, I'm looking for some really nice wedding and Mardi Gras kits...I'd LOVE it if I can find a good combination kit to use, but I know I'm pushing my luck...lol!! Here's a couple of 'show off' pics...
1st there was laughter.....

Then there were tears.

My Daughter her Husband and their son.

Their 1st Dance as Wife and Husband (yes I did that on purpose!)

Mardi Gras wedding cake! 

Wasn't she such a Beautiful Bride?

Here's my other Daughter as her Maid of Honor:

And my Son as a Groomsman,(ohhhh he's in a Tux!! yes I cried seeing him in that! lol)  and Niece as a Bridesmaid: 

Wait...Gotta get a closer look at Brandon!!! 

This was wrapped around her Bouquet, in Memory of his Maw-maw and Paw-paw (on the right) and Bri's Paw-paw (my Dad, on the left)
  Ok, that's enough...I'm gonna bore you to Death with photos!! lol

Here are two LO's using Animal Crackers Base Kit by MagsGraphics, you find can this kit on sale now along with many of her other great kits over at MooTwo Designs!

Kit preview:
The 1st LO is of my youngest Grandson, Leigha's baby, Trey...such a lovely little boy he is!!

and, also using the Animal Crackers Base kit, here's another Memory Page for my Dad, this Memory is from a good friend of mine and future Sister-in-law, Averi. We worked toghter at a resturant and my parents spent alot of time there. She got to know him even better once Put and I set her and his brother up.

Now for the FREEBIE!! It's a School House freebie to go along with the School Daze Base kit from Mags Graphics, you can find that kit at MooTwo Designs.

The shape template I used is from a scrap challenge over at MooTwo Designs Fourm, it is by Gloria of Designz by Gloria

You can download the SchoolHouse here.
Photobucket Thanks to Shani of Wicked Princess Scraps for the use of her kit, Strength In Me, a FTU kit to help raise awareness in testicular cancer. No matter what kind of cancer it is, if you love someone with cancer, be by their side and 'Love them through it'.
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